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Goodbye, WhatsApp

I’ve deleted WhatsApp from my personal smartphone. I’m not saying I’m not using it anymore; I’m just saying I’ll now use it when I decide to, via WhatsApp Web, on both my smartphone and computer. I’ll give it a batched usage as I do with emails and other social media. Let’s break down why I took that decision.

The base premise: I’m very protective of my time and attention, and I have a weakness of getting hooked up in social media features (the kind of things Nir Eyal wrote in his book Hooked).

27th Jan 2024

Our Beliefs Do Slip Away From Our Language

We have to be self-aware of our language because the words we utter end up being a reflection (as well as a reinforcement) of our beliefs. Language is the great window of our mindset, for both looking inwards and projecting outwards.

The other day, I talked to an aspiring entrepreneur friend, but later in the conversation, we started talking about removing the focus on unimportant stuff. He mentioned that we should focus on landing a managerial role in BigCo. It got me thinking, "That’s a Freudian slip of his true beliefs."

15th Jan 2024

Be Deliberate with Your Identity

A while ago, I read an excellent article from Paul Graham called Keep Your Identity Small, and from a while ago, I wanted to expand on that.

Let's start by stating that Identity is a core component of your life. Your Mindset is what makes or breaks your life. How you decide to interpret things, as well as how you choose to act on them, composes the "ruleset" of your Mindset, your default programming, so to speak. It is the origin of your Personality.

5th Jan 2024