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Welcome 2022!

First Monday of the year 2022!

I’m grateful for what this year 2021 has brought into my life. Some were substantial changes, changes for the better which were needed.

There will be changes to this blog, namely:

  • This blog takes for granted to have technical content, but that hasn’t been happening so far.
  • Subdomains with products and services section, most likely an LMS.
  • Stronger GitHub profile.
  • Some older posts will be refactored entirely.

This year has started in great shape, with the right foot. It depends on us to keep it that way.

Looking forward to this year!

Until next time,

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Thanks for coming to visit!

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Hello World!

Here in this blog, I will publish my thoughts, life experiences, entrepreneurship ideas, among other entries that I consider interesting.

My perspective on the ideas I will post is that of a contrarian. A contrarian is not necessarily someone who opposes out of pleasure, but a person who questions collective thinking, in order to discover secrets and explore new knowledge.

27th Aug 2020