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You Shouldn't Need New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year 2023 everyone! Here I come with a controversial short one. New Year's resolutions are mostly useless.

Real winners know that numbered years and named days¹ are a social construct to dance with everyone, so to speak. Being mixed in everyone’s habits and mediocrity mindset, leads to an unrewarding, uneventful life. I cannot stress this enough.

What you want to do is to create your own cadence. Your own rhythm. This is not to say setting goals is useless. Avoid conflating the two topics. Use the tools (good habits, acquiring routines, investing in yourself), but use them strategically for your benefit.

To become exceptional, you must deliberately control your rhythm. Have a decision-making process that will lead you to whatever you want to achieve. Take the winner choices, by methodic examination of outcomes.

Whatever I wanted to do, I did on the spot. Whatever I want to do, I will bring it into existence. The time is now.

¹ Named days are a topic well covered in MJ DeMarco’s book Unscripted.

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15th Jan 2024