Most Important: Find Out Your Why

Whenever you are about to do anything in life, whether a simple small action to a big change in your life, please find out the why, the reason why are you doing this.

While good decisions and actions for yourself can originate from wrong reasons, it is important to find out why you have been doing it. It is not the same to donate money to charity, because you want the advertisement than donating it. After all, you want to do some good for your soul.

The same principle applies to couples: It is not the same to shave and groom for her/him than to do it for yourself to feel good.

Why is it important? Because you might be missing the point of it all! Are you doing it to impress somebody else? Are you trying to earn the approval of others? DON’T if that’s the case!

And that’s how you discover you might lack self-confidence or perhaps, good old self-love. You might be seeking external validation and that’s a weak foundation for your own life. Not that taking advice is bad, after all, we all have needs or wants others can help us fill regarding knowledge, but whenever you test yourself externally you’re bound to whatever results from that is and therefore, that will impact your ego (mood), most likely negatively. It’s a risky business.