Invest in yourself

Every time you have free time, do something that contributes to your life in any way. It can be spiritually, mentally, or even physically. Sometimes investing in yourself is not acquiring, but rather removing to release dead weight and be able to use the available energies in something more profitable.

When you do something good for yourself, you will always be choosing the right option because each contribution you make to yourself, you will reap the benefits later on. So when in doubt, just invest in yourself. Obviously, the best thing would be if you really had a life planning in which you can connect objectives to meet a greater goal.

Some ways to invest in yourself

Reading: Picking up a book and reading is extremely rewarding, especially when reading is of value because your mind is flooded with satisfaction. Cultivating the habit of reading will bring great contributions to your life in the long run. Many times it’s not the number of words we read, but the quality of the reading that really matters.

Meditate: These days with so many external stimuli, we do not worry about organizing the mental disorder that’s created within us. Meditating is a way to organize thoughts and discard those that do not serve us. Keeping our mind clean will free us of mental load, which is transformed into energy available to fulfill our objectives.

Writing: Writing also allows us to release mental load and allows us to fix knowledge. When we write to-dos on paper we also release the mental load. When we write something that we have recently learned, our neurons fix the knowledge and we can remember it easier later. Write regularly, because that way you force your brain to organize your thoughts in order to express them better. This is why teachers send homework after school.

Exercise and eat healthy: Your body is your vehicle. Take care of it because as time passes it degrades and the parts are not interchangeable. Today many adults over 40 years old regret having eaten “empanadas” every morning, smoked cigarettes every day and binged on alcohol every weekend. Go to the gym regularly. Have good eating habits as much of the time as you can. If you wait to be “put on a diet” it is because you are reacting and not being a proactive person. You wouldn’t have to be on a diet if you already had good eating habits from the beginning. Start now (literally), waiting for Monday is a bad excuse and with that, you are not fooling anyone.

Clean your environment: Optimize your environment where you are, throw away what does not serve you. More and more refine your criteria with questions such as “Does this provide any benefit in my life? Is this really useful to me? ” Eventually you will cultivate a habit of maintaining a burden-free life, a lean (lean) life. Anything that does not serve you is waste, dead weight that takes away the energy to progress. Clean the house, you will feel better immediately.

Enjoy with your loved ones: The time that left will never return, so try to enjoy yourself with your family and friends from time to time. Climbing the mountain, going to the beach, having a picnic (taking care of the environment) are examples of activities that you can plan. On the other hand, be careful not to go to the other extreme. Enjoying too much has its consequences too, in terms of productivity. Live your life and create good memories.

Settle your accounts with the past: Have you ever had a conflict with someone and no matter how much you ignore it, the thought does not leave you? Forgive and let go. They may not be friends again, but it is important to be at peace. Your spirit will thank you.

With good habits, the winner is always you. Now go and invest in yourself.

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