Emotional repository

It is always good to smile at the anecdotes and experiences of others that might add value to your life. It is perfectly normal and desirable to feel good for others, but there are times when not everything goes well in life and you also absorb those experiences. When does this become a problem? When you become the emotional repository of others.

What is it to be an emotional repository? When people abuse your good faith to free themselves of negative emotional charges and do it on you, what they popularly call the “go-to rag person”. It’s okay to help people who have a legitimate problem and you have something you can selflessly give them to solve it. However, some people can and will use you as an emotional repository and you will subscribe to their gossip as if it is in your best interests. Stay away from gossip, it consumes your time, your energy, and your life. Gossip and negative emotional charge is a total waste, therefore it should be treated as such.

There is an alert sign that tells you when you are being used as an emotional repository and it’s the following: It is when they tell you a bad experience, you give advice, the person pretends to listen to it and the next day they come with the same experience or a very similar one and this it happens repeatedly. Depositors may ignore everything you say, after all, they are throwing all the negatives they can on you, knowingly or not. Do you smell the garbage container after using it? Obviously not and something very similar happens when you are used as an emotional repository. Whatever you say they don’t want to know because what they want is to get their cruxes off of them as quickly as possible. Remember: it is very different to offer advice that they take and both learn than to be there always present for people who what they do is throw their leftovers on you.

Why would you let others release things on you? They do not usually realize that they do it, but why can they walk quietly through life and you have to carry their cruxes? Do yourself a favor and get rid of all that since you have your own life, with your own strengths and weaknesses. Avoid carrying dead weight.

Discard all the bad and evil, it does not have to be about others as it can be in writing or meditating. You will feel better instantly.